Friday, January 3, 2014

JWE Challenge for 2014

For the next 28 days focus on eating a boatload of plant based whole foods....Define what you are by what you are eating, not what you are not eating.  If this is confusing, before you stuff it in your pie hole, ask yourself: "Is this a whole plant based food???" Still confused?? Look at old posts that delineate all that is the JWE...Tasty ideas, recipes, and tips to come in the days ahead... Coffee and wine, as an option, is your choice. Really focus on the abundant choices you have when eating whole, plant based foods.

Bonus points for Seattle Viewers....Visit Plum Vegan Bistro for an OUTOFTHISWORLD experience... I visited last August and am shamelessly looking for someone living in the Seattle area to invite me back! 

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  1. Skipster…im all in. Looking forward to the challenge